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Laundry Equipment Installation

While specializing in Commercial Laundry Services of all kinds, we also have considerable experience in the installation of:

  • Conveyor, Sorting & Monorail Systems

  • Process Water Systems

  • Wastewater Pretreatment Facilities

  • Boiler Room Equipment

  • Washroom/Automated/Conventional, Etc.

  • Product Finishing Equipment

  • Route Storage & Assembly

  • Stockroom Facilities

  • Complete Laundry Facilities

Engineering and
Design Services

From Green Grass to the Ribbon Cutting ceremony, from Hong Kong to Dubai, from the Caribbean to North America and everything in between!


We specialize in Conceptual Design, Budgets, Engineering, Feasibility Studies, Plant Audits, Plant Retrofits & Upgrades, New Construction, Building Additions, Equipment Upgrades, Infrastructure and Utility Audits.

Building Construction

When it comes to construction you can either build a warehouse or you can build a “laundry friendly building”.  What does this mean? It means that there are so many unique features to a building which can house a laundry that you need the expertise of a Laundry Design Company to design and build your laundry, not just a General Contractor who builds libraries and schools.  Do it well and do it right the first time!

Training and Maintenance Support

With more than 30 years’ experience working in the laundry world, ALS has the skills, experience and knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t work. A common sense approach backed up with the experience to handle employee training and implementation of various types of maintenance procedures. Eg: Predictive or Preventative.

Project Management 

Between the numerous feasibility studies and operational reviews that American Laundry Systems has undertaken; and combined with the complete design/redesign of new/existing facilities which we have been involved with, there is a constant flow of information that is vital in providing accurate recommendations in the planning, pre-design, operational and post design stages.


ALS is an independent consulting company. Our principals, associates and affiliates are not in any way involved in the manufacture or sale of laundry equipment or products related to client projects.


We are 100% Neutral. No proprietary or financial interest exists between the ALS and any laundry contracting firm, supplier or organization which may tender for any portion of the laundry labor, materials or services required.

Operations Assistance
  • Equipment Start Up (Vendor Coordination)

  • Equipment Training (Production and Maintenance)

  • Safety Training (Production and Maintenance)

  • Production Staff Planning

  • Production Standards Planning

  • Plant Work Staging and Planning

  • Production Employee training

  • Maintenance Personnel Planning and Training



Let Our Experience
Work For You

American Laundry Systems, a Division of E & O Mechanical, Inc. is the only major consulting company in North America that is not affiliated with any chemical company, equipment manufacturer or general construction company. We work directly for you, our customer, regardless of how big or small your project needs may be. By remaining neutral we give you access to the very best in every area producing the most beneficial and cost effective results.

Honesty, Integrity, Credibility, Discretion.


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Let Our Experience Work For You

For any inquiries, questions or commendations

978-373-1883 or
American Laundry Systems

9 Floyd Road

Derry, NH 03038

Office: 978-373-1883 or 603-216-5751

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